AVH Sleep Cap


  • Breathable satin material
  • Wide band to ensure proper placement all night
  • Comes in large sizes for rollers or other large hairstyles

At All Virgin Hair, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best quality 100% virgin hair and products. To ensure you 100% satisfaction with our product we have provided you with our own line of hair care products in order to help you get the full benefit and durability of your extensions. Now presenting our very own All Virgin Hair Satin Sleep Cap. Our Virgin Hair  Satin Sleep Cap is made of breathable satin lined material to ensure the softness of the extensions. It also offers a wide band for fitting purposes keeping your hair moisturized and protected from the elements while you sleep or style your extensions. Virgin Hair Satin Sleep Cap comes in sized large enough to fit rollers and other large styles ensuring your style stays in place.

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