Virgin Cambodian Curly - AVH
Virgin Cambodian Curly - AVH
Virgin Cambodian Curly - AVH
Virgin Cambodian Curly - AVH
Virgin Cambodian Curly - AVH

Virgin Cambodian Curly

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  • 100% Cambodian Virgin Remy hair
  • Can be colored, cut, flat ironed and curled
  • Last from 6 months to a 1 year depending on care
  • No shedding or matting
  • No synthetic mix
  • 1 bundle 3.5oz to 3.7oz ( about 100 grams)
  • 12” to 16” needs 2 bundles for a full sew in. 18” to 30” needs 3 to 4 bundles for a full sew in.
  • Hair colors are dependent on donors and only come in dark brown to light brown.

Cambodian Curly virgin hair is GORGEOUS; no wonder why it's extremely popular! This hair is known for its silky, soft and luxurious texture. It is also very lightweight and durable.  Cambodian Hair is as natural as our own hair while packing a lot of volume. This hair is ideal for those who have naturally smooth textured hair. This pattern, when curled holds beautifully bouncy curls whether wanded tight or in big romantic curls. Cambodian Curly hair is silky similar to that of Indian hair but is more of the new hot commodity on the market and with its higher durability it has the ability to last longer as well. The Curly hair pattern can be curled as desired to fit any look. All of our hair is 100% Virgin Remy, meaning that all of the cuticles are unidirectional. This is a critical feature of quality hair extensions because it ensures no matting or tangling. Our selection of natural virgin hair matches many hair types and is perfect for all nationalities. All of our hair offers a natural soft texture because each bundle is collected from only healthy donors. Because all of our hair is exclusive virgin quality it can be dyed and worn curly or straight.