Custom Wig Order - AVH
Custom Wig Order - AVH
Custom Wig Order - AVH
Custom Wig Order - AVH

Custom Wig Order

Regular price $300.00
Please fill out all portions of the Custom Wig Form in store. An All Virgin Hair
representative will go through the form with you to confirm the design and
price. You will receive a copy of your final order for your review. PLEASE
REVIEW CAREFULLY! Once your order has been paid for, it will be submitted
for production. After this, we will not be able to make any changes to your
Thank you for submitting a custom wig order with us. We will do our very best
to match you exact specifications. Please make sure that if you choose to do
a customized cap that your head measurements are done the way pictures
demonstrate. Correct measurements are very important for us to make
custom wig caps. If the measurements are not correct, the lace wig will not fit
because we will make the wig according to your measurement size that you
provide. When selecting a color please compare it to our color chart. All
orders are based on our color chart. Please keep in mind that once you select
any color other than natural brown it will no longer be considered “virgin” hair.
Please understand that these quality hand-crafted lace units will take 4-6
weeks for delivery from payment confirmation. We do not refund or exchange
any wigs under any circumstances. All sales are final!
An All Virgin Hair representative will call you once your order has arrived, and
they will let you know of any complications with your order.